6-Year-Old Praised for Returning Bag With $2K Cash Inside

A 6-year-old Arlington, Massachusetts, boy is being praised for spotting a bag with $2,000 cash inside and working with his father to return it.

Jasper Dopman was walking on Medford Street with his father on April 18 when he spotted a bank bag on the ground near a school.

He pointed it out to his father, who returned it to police.

Police determined the money belonged to Tenoch Mexican Food Corp., which has restaurants in Medford, Somerville and Boston.

Officials determined the bag was lost by Guadalupe Alvarez, an employee with the Medford location.

Jasper and his father met with police and the restaurant owners. Arlington police gave Jasper and his father Outstanding Citizen Awards and Tenoch Mexican Food Corp. also gave them gifts.

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