9-Month-Old Boy Dies After Cement Truck Crash

It's an unthinkable tragedy after a horrific crash with a cement truck in Oxford, Massachusetts Monday morning.

Thirty-one-year-old Christina Russin of Sturbridge was killed instantly, while her 9-month-old son Noah passed away at UMass Memorial later in the day.

Now her family is keeping vigil at the hospital for her two-year-old son Carter who survived.

"We're blessed to have Carter after that accident, his mother saved his life. She took the full brunt of that accident...he was behind her in the seat," said his aunt Cheryl Green.

Speaking to us from the hospital, Christina's sister Cheryl Green said they are still trying to process Noah's death.

"He was the happiest baby, I used to call him my fat man and he would just light up, he had the chubbiest little cheeks and he was smiley...and you could see the love he had for his mother and his brothers," Cheryl said.

Cheryl says Christina's oldest son, 11-year-old Isaiah, was thankfully at school at the time of the accident.


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She says Christina was single mom who worked two jobs, including helping other children at You, Inc. in Worcester.

She says Christina's loss will be felt throughout the community."

"She was the most caring person, family was everything to her, and we're all going to miss her so much," Cheryl said.

"Even for myself I'm still trying to cope with it, to understand it and there is no understanding it," said Robespierre LaFleur.

LaFleur was injured in the crash, rushing to the aid of Christina and her two boys.

He says he's devastated that he couldn't save little Noah.

"Seat was so crushed, I didn't know it was a baby at first," he said. "Every people in the street was trying to get the baby out, they tried so badly to save the baby."

Cheryl says it means so much to her family that he was with them after the accident.

"The man that was in the Mercedes that was hit as well we wanted to thank him for being there for our family at that time," Cheryl said.

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