Our Lady Mount Carmel Parish Closing After Facing $1.3 Million in Repairs

As kids celebrate their first communion, Our Lady Mount Carmel Parishioners pray it's not the church's last time doing the sacred act. The 88-year-old Italian Catholic church is drastically falling apart.

Father Stephen Pedone says the Worcester parish is facing $1.3 million worth of repairs, including a leaking roof and the front wall that has separated 5 inches from the building and could topple over any day. "The city told me Friday they could close it down immediately because they were so concerned and I was concerned because I wanted to say goodbye to the people," said Father Stephen Pedone.

The line was long to get a seat in the 11:30 service. People came from all over to relive childhood memories.

"I was an alter boy here. So it's been a long time," said Joseph Ferraro, longtime parishioner.

Unfortunately, the congregation couldn't raise funds to repair the historic building. Parishioners will join with Our Lady of Loreto Parish - while praying for a miracle.

"This is a great family. We are carrying it over to Loreto but we certainly hope that between now and the next few days we can find someway to keep this church. That's just my personal hope and prayer," said Domenic Nercurio-Chancellor- Knights of Columbus/Our Lady Mount Carmel.

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