NECN INVESTIGATES: 911 Calls for Help During Deadly Stabbing Rampage Released

The emergency calls describe terrifying scenes at the Taunton, Massachusetts, mall and a home

The 911 calls for help during the deadly Taunton, Massachusetts, stabbing rampage have been released.

Kathleen Slavin was injured herself when she called emergency services to come to her Myrick Street home after a man, later identified as Arthur DaRosa, stabbed her and her 80-year-old mother Patricia.

Dispatch: "Taunton 911, recorded line. What is your emergency?"

WARNING: Audio from 911 calls below may be disturbing to some viewers.

**WARNING: The content of these calls may be disturbing for some viewers.** The 911 calls for help during the deadly Taunton, Massachusetts, stabbing rampage have been released.

Kathleen Slavin: "Oh mother. This guy just came in and stabbed us, me and my mother."

Desperation in her voice, Kathleen called 911 after DaRosa, a stranger, broke into their home and stabbed them.

Crying, Kathleen tells the dispatcher she's "bleeding everywhere."

"Did you both get stabbed?" the dispatcher asks.

"Oh my God," Kathleen cries.

"Stay on the line," the dispatcher directs. "Is he still there? Is he still there? Ma'am, is the person who stabbed you still there?"

"No, he took off in a black car," she responds.

Patricia Slavin lay dying as police say DaRosa fled in his girlfriend's car, soon crashing into a nearby Macy's at the Silver City Galleria Mall.

The emergency calls placed there describe the terrifying scene.

"Some man just crashed through the building and he was enraged," a woman says. "Someone just charged into the building and then attacked me and attacked other people, and my head is all bleeding."

That rage unleashed a torrent of violence through the Macy's, a cell phone store and into Bertucci's Restaurant.

"Multiple people are stabbed. A girl stabbed everywhere. In her neck, in her back, in her side. Everywhere," a caller says.

The girl described in this call is likely 26-year-old Sheenah Savoy, an 8-weeks pregnant waitress at the restaurant. Fifty-six-year-old George Heath tried to help Savoy; the visual arts teacher, who was there having dinner with his wife, was fatally stabbed.

Another 911 call describes one person being shot in the ensuing chaos; police say an off-duty sheriff at the restaurant shot and killed DaRosa after the suspect refused to drop his weapon.

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