92-Year-Old Woman Recovering After Violent Robbery in Quincy, Mass.

A 92-year-old woman is recovering after she was violently robbed on a path near her home in Quincy, Massachusetts, and police are still searching for the suspects.

It happened Sunday as Doris Prendiville was walking back to an elderly living complex on Clay Street in Quincy after getting the Sunday newspaper at a nearby CVS.

She told police a man in his 30s came out of nowhere, pushed her to the ground and took off with her pocketbook.

The violent purse snatching was caught on camera. Prendiville suffered a fractured sternum.

"How somebody could ever punch a woman like that in her chest, let alone punch her at all, it's pathetic," neighbor Deborah Moffett said.

Her purse was later found by an observant neighbor who described a similar suspect leaving it by a nearby dumpster after taking cash.

Prendiville's daughter, Chris, told NBC Boston Wednesday that her mother is tough, but in a lot of pain.

"It hurts for her to bend over or to lean forward or to even lie back," Chris said.

"She saw the guy, she said 'good morning' and then he just shoved her in the chest and pushed her down," she added.

Police are not just looking for the male suspect, but also a female who they say assisted the elderly woman back to the lobby of the complex after the assault. They say before the good Samaritan was seen on camera in the lobby, she was spotted with the suspect.

"I have to think she had somewhat of a conscience and what happened bothered her and she came back," Lt. John Steele of the Quincy Police Department said.

"She was shocked when she learned that the girl was in it, I think very disappointed in the girl," Chris said of her mother. 

Both Chris and Doris hope the suspects turn themselves in. 

"They need help, absolutely they need help," said Chris. "If they're willing to hurt somebody, anybody else, to get money. And I really hope they’re prosecuted for this horrific crime."

Police are hoping the twist in the case will help them solve the heartless crime. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Quincy Police Department.

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