99 Years Young: Woman Swims for Gold

Mary Jackson, who will turn 100 in August, won big at the National Senior Games

It seems as though nothing can stop Mary Jackson.

The Weymouth, Massachusetts, woman, who will turn 100 on Aug. 7, has won three more gold medals in the backstroke as the first centenarian to compete in swimming at the recent National Senior Games, according to The Patriot Ledger.

Jackson began competing in the backstroke at age 91 in state and national senior events. She has a total of 24 gold medals.

Her granddaughter, Jennifer Ericson, 48, is Jackson's proud coach.

Her times were 1:48:59 for the 50-yard backstroke; 4:07:46 for the 100-yard backstroke; and 8:41:06 for the 200-yard backstroke and she completed all three without stopping.

The National Senior Games took place in Minneapolis.

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