A Q&A With the Boston Yeti

He's back ... just in time for another winter


The Boston Yeti is back - just in time for another winter.

The furry phantom provided much-needed comic relief last winter when the city fell siege to a record 9 feet of snow by running around in costume and stopping to help dig out stranded drivers. He kicks off another season next week with an appearance at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Brattle creative director Ned Hinkle says the Yeti - who still hasn't publicly revealed his true identity - will take the stage Dec. 17 at a screening of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and field questions from the public.

"He brought people together and gave us some respite from the ridiculous amount of snow we had to endure," Hinkle said. "We hope he won't be needed as much this winter."

The Associated Press caught up with Boston's favorite folk hero on Friday via email:


AP: We haven't heard much from you since the snow melted in spring. How did your hibernation go?

Boston Yeti: Hibernation provided all of the relaxation and rejuvenation I had hoped for! Believe it or not, I spent a lot of time at the movies, catching up on comedies and documentaries at the Brattle Theater. Under the dark of night I would also occasionally escape to a midnight movie at the Coolidge Corner Theater. (Aside from that mostly just playing solitaire in the woods.)


AP: Everyone's worried about this coming winter, wondering if we're going to get whacked by blizzards again. What's the Yeti's forecast?

Boston Yeti: The warm weather here in Boston that caught everyone off guard earlier this week will soon show signs of letting up, just in time for Christmas! Conditions in the coming weeks, while cooler, will also bring bouts of rain and clouds. Furthermore, my instincts tell me we will experience significant snow in January with periodic flurries throughout February and into March. Snowshoers, skiers and sledders alike will rejoice! And to those folks who are fearful of another brutal winter and eager to avoid it I say: Think warm and see you at the movies!


AP: What have you asked Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Boston Yeti: The last I spoke with Santa I had four gifts in mind: a Fitbit, slow cooker, slippers and joy for all New Englanders. I've been mighty good this year so I'm hoping he'll come through - but if he can only manage one of the gifts then I hope it's the last one.


AP: There's a new smartphone app that people can use to get help shoveling snow. Not surprisingly, it's called "Yeti." What do you make of that?

Boston Yeti: Imitation is the best form of flattery.


AP: We're in an election cycle. Would you ever consider running for office?

Boston Yeti: First things first. I need to register to vote. After that, I'm considering starting my own party: The Yetiquality For All Party (YFAP.) If elected I would ensure free snow removal for all and offer nationwide, bi-monthly hugs to anyone in need of one. In fact, I've already spoken with Santa and Bigfoot and they've both agreed to serve as YFAP chairperson and secretary, respectively. We'll see what happens!

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