Advocates for New Athletic Field Launch Fundraising Effort

Playing on one Massachusetts school's lacrosse field can be a bumpy ride - the sport is already intense, but adding dirt patches and rocks can leave many players bruised at Hull High School.

The team, along with supporters, received upsetting news when local officials voted down a tax increase geared towards raising $1.8 million to replace the sports field.

Assistant coach Eddie Cameron says most of his players come from families who are economically disadvantaged, and school officials won't allocate funds from their $14 million budget because they say they'd be pinching pennies.

But that's not stopping the kids from raising large amount of funds for a brand new turf field. Students created a video and blasted it on social media, hoping neighboring communities would donate.

This year, the boys varsity team is undefeated, and coaching staff is hoping people will realize something as simple as a change of field can impact these player's future.

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