Alison King at The Republican National Convention: Day 3

One New England delegate has left the RNC early

It's just day three of the four-day Republican National Convention, but long-time political consultant and strategist Tom Rath is headed back home to New Hampshire.

"I was a Kasich delegate,” Rath said. “I was elected to vote for John Kasich, and that's what I did last night. And now it's time to move on."

Rath said this is his ninth convention. His first was in 1984 for Ronald Reagan. He said he's never left a convention early, but for someone who was a top advisor to George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, this was not his scene.

"It's time to go,” he said. “It's time for them to have their show. Let Trump have the stage all to himself."

John Kasich, a former congressman now popular Ohio governor, has taken heat this week from Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who called Kasich Petulant an embarrassment to his state.

Trump supporter, former Senator Scott Brown, weighed in on Kasich's early departure.

"The fact that he's not here is just rude," said Brown. "He lobbied to have this here."

"The one thing John Kasich can't do is be inauthentic,” said Rath. The idea of him embarrassing somebody that he disagrees with - he found that would not be honest to who he is. I think he's fine with his decision. If people are angry with him, so be it."

As for reports that Kasich declined an offer by trump to be the most powerful Vice President in history, former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu, chair of Kasich's New Hampshire campaign, is skeptical.

“I don't really think there was ever an offer made,” said Sununu. “I'm sure they would have liked to have vetted him and included him in the process, but John Kasich is Independent."

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