Suspect in Hit-and-Run of Teen in Brockton, Mass. Held on $750K

Christopher Jansky, 39, was arrested Wednesday night without incident in Abington

The suspect in the hit-and-run of a Brockton, Massachusetts, teenager has been held on $750,000.

Christopher Jansky, 39, was arrested Wednesday night without incident in Abington.

Jansky, a Las Vegas resident, hid behind his attorney Thursday as he was arraigned on charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license.

The boy, who has been identified as Elias Lebon, was thrown nearly 60 feet by the impact of the crash, according to police.

"He's just a really nice kid, would never hurt anybody," said Lebon's neighbor, Darlene Croteau. "The family's lovely."

Lebon was transported to Boston Children's Hospital in serious condition. He is recovering from a head injury, an arm injury and a broken leg.

Police were able to track the suspect's car down to his girlfriend's mother's apartment on Chatham West Drive in Brockton.

She told necn the couple told her about the accident and that they were packing bags to go to Vegas.

"I'm devastated. I don't know what they were thinking," said Denise Sommer. "I feel bad for the little boy, and I'm very sorry."

But before Jansky and his girlfriend Suzanne Sommer could leave the state, police tracked them down to his mother's apartment in Abington and arrested him.

"He was scared to death when he found out a little kid got hurt," said the suspect's mother, Myrna Jansky. "He started to cry."

Investigators say Christopher Jansky had actually been in court shortly before the accident for a 2014 breaking and entering case, and allegedly took off because he didn't want to get in trouble again.

"I feel so sorry that happened, it should never have happened," Myrna Jansky said through tears. "He should have got out of that car, he should have got out and made sure the kid was alright."

Jansky has a lengthy record that includes several motor vehicles infractions.

He is being held on $750,000 bail. Jansky is due back in court May 20.

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