No Bail for Teen Charged With Stabbing High School Football Player

Murcia is being held without bail, pending a hearing Dec. 4

Osmin Murcia, 19, of Everett, Massachusetts, hid his face in court as he was arraigned Wednesday on charges of armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the stabbing of Everett football player Marvens Fedna.

Prosecutors allege Murcia stabbed Fedna in the early morning hours of November first, when Fedna tried to intervene in a fight one of his friends was having with Murcia's group of friends.

Perlman said, "The defendant pulled a knife and when the victim saw the knife he essentially punched him as the knife was coming toward him and during that very brief struggle the victim suffered a laceration to his hand."

Prosecutor Rachel Perlman says Fedna also suffered a large stab wound to his back and required three surgeries to get the bleeding under control.

Perlman said, "They were able to see a hand sized stab wound, his lung was exposed on his back."

Investigators say it was one of Fedna's friends who witnessed the fight who eventually came forward with Murcia's Facebook profile, identifying him as the person who attacked Fedna.

Perlman said, "It was within the last couple days that there was a potential name that came to officers through one of the individuals that was there, officers utilized that name, they composed a photo array, they presented that photo array to the victim who positively identified this defendant as the one who stabbed him that night."

Prosecutors said Murcia has only lived in the country for about a year and attended Everett High School sporadically.

Murcia is being held without bail, pending a hearing Dec. 4. 

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