‘Assassin Game' Raises Concerns in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

A decades-old game is creating new concern for parents in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, after it led to a car crash and several calls to police.

Chelmsford Police say the "Assassin Game" is leading teens to take unreasonable risks. They also say it's draining their resources.

"You're in a team of two and you go around, getting other people with a water gun," said Harsh Patel, a former player. "There's a prize for whoever is not out, obviously the last one standing.”

A School Street railroad intersection is where the game led to a Tuesday morning car crash involving three teens.

Dana Dulong is a parent who lives near the site.

"It's OK if you're in your backyard, but when you're in public streets and driving around, there are other people that could be affected by this," he said.

And after a home break, car break and crash here in Chelmsford, high school officials notified parents of the problem with a letter on Tuesday.

Late Thursday afternoon, police announced that they're working with parents and students to put an end to the game.

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