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1 Year Later, Parents Still Want Answers in Son's Death

The 15-month-old was found unconscious in his babysitter's Woburn, Massachusetts home in August

Frustration is building for the family of a Woburn baby who was found unresponsive in his babysitter’s home last summer. The medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide Thursday, nine months after he died.

Noah Larson was just 15 months old when he died of an apparent head injury back in August. His parents say they do not understand why it took so long for the medical examiner to finish the report. 

“Charges should have already been brought. We should have been past that point,” Larson’s mother Lindsey Keane said. 

Keane said she and Noah’s father Paul Larson received the news of the medical examiner’s ruling just minutes before reading about it in the news, and it hardly answers any of their questions. 

“We have no answers,” mother Lindsey Keane said. “We don’t even know who was officially home that day.”

NBC Boston took the family’s frustrations to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, who said the process can be a long one. 

“Our obligation to Noah, to the family, to the public and to everybody involved is to really look hard, be thoughtful and get to the right result,” Ryan said. 


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Ryan’s response hardly bringing peace to the family who says they feel the system has failed them and they are still waiting for justice. 

“None of this changes that Moah’s not with us and it’s not right and it’s not fair,” Keane said. 

Most of what was in the medical examiner’s report was kept secret even from the family due to the ongoing investigation. The District Attorney said they will use the information along with the evidence they have already gathered as they move forward. 

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