Back Bay Sweetgreen Closed for Numerous Health Violations

The location received 20 violations

Boston's Back Bay location of the popular salad chain Sweetgreen, was closed after failing a health inspection on Tuesday.

According to the City of Boston, the restaurant received seven critical foodborne illness violations, one critical violation, and twelve non-critical violations.

Among the critical foodborne illness violations were failure to keep the hot foods such as salmon, and cold foods such as kale and spinach, at the proper temperatures and food handlers not washing their hands prior to putting on gloves as well as failing to put on new gloves after completing one task.

In addition, a customer was in the restaurant with a small dog and the person in charge "was unaware and did not take corrective action until pointed out by Inspector." 

To go orders were also sitting on shelving "not under temperature controls," according to the report.

This is the fourth time Sweetgreen has failed health inspection according to the Boston Public Health Commission. 

On June 16 there were 11 violations, five non-critical and six for critical foodborne illness violations.

The restaurant was re-inspected on June 23 but there will still three critical violations.

An administrative hearing took place on July 7 and the restaurant was re-inspected.

During re-inspection there was a floor maintenance violation but the restaurant was given an extension and time to comply.

On Tuesday the restaurant was inspected again when the 20 violations were found.

The restaurant received a temporary suspension of permit and a hearing will be held Wednesday at 1 pm..

No word on when the location will re-open.

Necn has reached out to Sweetgreen for comment but has not heard back yet. 

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