Bill Weld Saw Watergate Up Close. Trump Is ‘More of a Huckster,' He Says

The former Massachusetts governor told us about some differences between the two impeachment inquiries on necn's "Primary Pod"

If presidential history seems to be repeating itself in the shape of Congress' impeachment inquiry, White House hopeful Bill Weld has kept his front-row seat.

Long before he was governor of Massachusetts, Weld did research for the House Impeachment Committee in the Watergate scandal. Now challenging President Donald Trump in the Republican primary in the midst of a new impeachment inquiry, he told us about some differences he sees on necn's "Primary Pod."

"I think the president has stood revealed as more of a huckster, almost a circus barker, than Dick Nixon ever did," Weld said.

In the conversation, Weld also touched on dictators and what Weld once thought was appealing about Trump. Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

The "Primary Pod" podcast tracks the race to win New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary along with necn's nightly political TV show, "Primary Source."

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