Boston Cafe Closed After Measles Case

Throughout the day Friday, unhappy customers were turned away at the door to Nespresso on Newbury Street in Boston.

The cafe was closed by Boston Inspectional Services Thursday after health officials said a European tourist with the measles visited the cafe and several other locations around the Greater Boston area from May 1 through May 8.

"You'd like to think you're not going to get it but yeah a little bit, it's kind of scary actually that the measles are even around here," said patron Karen Nutter.

Nutter says she was in Nespresso on May 5, the day after the person with measles was here.

"I'd like to think my immune system's really good," she said. "But I do feel bad because every time I go in there, there's usually parents with young children, and of course, they're more susceptible."

For the most part, patrons were unphased.

"No I'm not concerned, I will come back," said Nespresso patron Carol Cheuhu.

"I'm pretty much 99 percent vaccinated and protected," said Gynnr Mylkal, who's visiting from Iceland.

Gary Wayne, who's here for his daughter's graduation from BU, said, "As long as it's not somebody handling my food, just their presence, I'm not too concerned about that."

The tourist with the confirmed case of the measles visited several other shopping centers including Cambridgeside Galleria, The Wrentham Village Outlets and the Star Market at the Prudential Center.

Health officials say most people are not at risk of contracting the measles, even if they were exposed to this tourist.

"Our public health commission is one of the best in the country, so we're on top of any type of threat that we'd have," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

"Most people in the U.S. have been vaccinated or they've had it, they're older and they've had it or they're younger and they've had the MMR," said pharmacist Helen Rachubinski.

City officials say all employees of Nespresso will be tested and cleared before being allowed to return to work.

Boston Inspectional Services held a meeting at 2 p.m. Friday to determine when Nespresso can reopen. No decision has been announced.

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