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Boston City Councilor Weighs in on #MeToo Phenomenon

It's a social media phenomenon that's unfortunately showing no signs of slowing down. The hashtag “#MeToo” is still trending after actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to share whether they have been the victims of sexual assault or harassment. 

The stories are coming from women around the world and all walks of life, including Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. 

Like just about everyone on social media Pressley has seen the hashtag.

So from one who has experienced sexual assault and harassment, you would think Pressley would be quick to chime in. Wrong.

“I will not be participating, not because I don't have a story to share,” she said.

Pressley says she has too many to tell – dozens, some too graphic or inappropriate to share publicly.

“These experiences become so conflated and such a part of what I see as my daily reality that it is challenging to extract just one,” she said.

But that doesn't mean Pressley isn't behind the Campaign - though she is quick to point out the issue isn't new.

“I do appreciate that we are shining an amplified light on this issue. And I'm proud of everyone that has come forward.”

Most alarming to Pressley are the young girls who report being sexually harassed by their peers in what Pressley describes as a post 11-8 culture.

“It's a very sad commentary that's who sitting on Pennsylvania Avenue right now. So they are mimicking what they've heard.”

Some women are now calling for men to admit if or when they have harassed someone. The result is another hashtag: "#IHave." 

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