Boston City Leaders Discuss Safety at Bars, Nightclubs Following Correia Death

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross and other city leaders discussed public safety at bars and nightclubs in wake of the death of Jassy Correia

Boston city leaders met Tuesday afternoon to discuss public safety in bars and nightclubs following the death of a mother who was abducted following a night out in the city's Theater District.

The kidnapping and death of 23-year-old Jassy Correia devastated her friends and family and shocked the community. She went missing after she and her friends went out to Venu Nightclub on Feb. 24 to celebrate her birthday.

Her body was discovered on Feb. 28 in the trunk of her alleged killer's car in Delaware. Louis Coleman, 32, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, resulting in death immediately after the discovery.

Boston Police Department Commissioner William Gross was among the city leaders at Tuesday's meeting in South Boston.

Police credit Venu Nightclub's mandatory device for helping them track Coleman. The nightclub requires all customers to allow them to scan their licenses with a device that saves their picture upon entry.

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