Boston Comic Con Deals With Sweltering Heat

It didn't matter if you were wearing a big silver robot-like outfit, a heavy skirt or a pleather head-to-toe suit — on one of the hottest days of the year, where people normally shed layers, they did the opposite at Boston Comic Con at the Seaport World Trade Center.

"I'm wearing a morph suit right now. Which is full-body," said Jake Skiffington.

Zach White described his costume as all pleather.

"I was dripping sweat waiting in line," he said. "It was not fun."

It was also not fun working outside. On Harris Street in Revere, Massachusetts, crews have been installing a new gas line. And at an auto shop in Revere, there's no air conditioning, because keeping the bays cool would be expensive and a waste of time.

The shop's mechanics were told to pace themselves and drink plenty of fluid.

South Boston also went without power a portion of the day, causing sweltering conditions inside homes. Some people got relief there at Carson Beach.

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