Protesters Rally at Boston Common

Police moved into downtown to separate Trump protesters from Trump supporters

A variety of groups gathered at the Boston Common to voice their concerns over the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump protests caused traffic delays in Boston on Friday afternoon and police moved into the area to separate Trump protesters from Trump supporters.

Just as President Donald Trump's inaugural parade made its way through the streets of Washington, D.C., protesters clogged streets in the area of Dewey Square as they prepared to march on Boston Common.

The planned 5 p.m. march was the second of the day in Boston.

Earlier in the afternoon, a couple of hundred protesters descended on Boston Common just after Trump took his oath of office.

Some carried signs saying "Not my president," and many said they could not bring themselves to watch the ceremony on television so they showed up to take a stand instead.

"I'm terrified about what's going to happen over the next four, possibly eight years," Brookline resident Amy Newell said. "I'm here with my entire family to say, 'No, I don't agree. I don't stand with Trump.' I'm here to stand against him."

New Hampshire native Mary McLeod agreed, saying, "I feel like today is the day we usher in the new dark age."

Many of the demonstrators came as separate groups, including Northeastern University employees who walked off the job to protest for worker’s rights and immigrant and LGBTQ groups.

The post-inauguration concerns echoed into the office of Democratic Congressman Mike Capuano, one of over 60 lawmakers who did not attend the inauguration.

Capuano instead said he chose to listen to his constituents who say they are worried about the future. He hopes he can help them channel their frustration into action.

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