Boston Dynamics' Video of New Robot Walking Goes Viral

A video showing Boston Dynamics' latest humanoid robot walking through the woods has gone viral.

The video, which shows the Marc Raibert, founder of the Waltham, Massachusetts, based company, talking at the FAB 11 Conference at MIT earlier this month, hints at what Boston Dynamics is working on, including the Atlas robot.

The video shows the robot balancing while walking over rocks and on a path in the woods.

"Out in the world is just a totally different challenge than in the lab. You can't predict what it's going to be like," Raibert said in the video.

The founder also hinted to a version of Atlas that wasn't tethered to a power source and working on the robot's mobility to make it more human-like.

"I'm not saying it can do everything you can do, but you can imagine if we keep pushing, we'll get there," Raibert said.

Watch the full video below:

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