Boston Enjoys First 80 of Season

For the first time since last September, Boston's high temperature officially reach 80 degrees.

That splash of summer left the city's Greenway busy on Wednesday.

"The Greenway is some of the best that Boston has to offer," said one woman out enjoying the warmth during her lunch break.

A mid-week surge of warmth sending temperatures in the 80s rejuvenated winter weary new englanders.

"When I see days like this I wake up and smile," said Rebecca Parchment of North East of the Border, a downtown food truck.

For her, this is just the beginning of crunch time.

"I have to get extra staff, we have to prepare a lot more, we do a lot more shopping," she added.

"I'm falling in love with the city, it's so beautiful," said one tourist visiting from Canada, while enjoying a taco in the beautiful weather.

In South Boston, Carson Beach attracted those who managed a day off.

"First of many beach days to come," said one beach-goer excitedly.

Even water temperatures in the 50s didn't keep sun bathers on the sand.

"Up to the waist, but that was it. It felt brave because it was super cold," said another woman enjoying the warmth.

While many like her just skimmed the surface, one man from Randolph jumped right in.

"Well, you see, it's high tide now so the water had to go over the warm sand so you got to play your cards right," he said while explaining his reasoning.

"Memorial Day is coming, but this is my unofficial start to summer," he added.

The warm weather, which will last the next few days, stands in contrast to the start of this year's warm season so far.

April, and May to this point, featured below average temperatures.

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