Boston Gay Club Reacts to Orlando Shooting

Gay bars and nightclubs have long been sanctuaries for people in the gay community, but the terror attack in Orlando has some wondering if that security is now being threatened.

Club Cafe has been a gay friendly spot in Boston's South End neighborhood for more than 30 years. The owners said they had no choice but to respond and react after seeing what happened in Orlando.

"All I could think about was what if it had been us," co-owner Jim Morgrage said.

Club Cafe increased their security Sunday night with more than a dozen officers, a police detail and 23 cameras rolling inside.

"We're not new to this, but it's something we take very seriously," Morgrage said.

Morgrage said Boston Police officers came to the club early Sunday morning to let them know they too would be ramping up patrols around Club Cafe and other gay clubs in the area.

Even with the security, there is fear among customers who say it feels like the places they go to be themselves without retaliation are now under attack.

"It feels like someone has been in my apartment. Someone has been in my place of comfort." Phillip Parker, a customer said.

"It's a weird feeling. It's like someone just took your confidence away," Brian Derrick, an employee at Club Cafe said.

By Sunday night a makeshift memorial has been set up across from Club Cafe, allowing the community to write messages to the victims and their families.

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