Marathon Monday Will Be Beautiful, But With Allergy Concerns

By the look of the forecast, we are in store for a beautiful weekend and Marathon Monday in Boston.

Sunshine and mild air sound great - unless you suffer from allergies.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky Thursday, and it looks like we may stay this way right through the marathon - no rain for days and days.

It looks pretty, but the budding trees mean something else.

"We are in tree pollen season," said Dr. David Hong, an allergy specialist with Brigham & Women's Hospital.

Hong says in some cases, the exertion of running a marathon may, in some cases, alleviate allergy symptoms.

"Exertion is a natural decongestant for some people," he said. "This is the reason we take things like Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, to counteract the activity of histamine released from these cells."

Finding an accurate pollen count is not so easy - we should try and find the most local resource.

"Ideally, you want a pollen counting source near you," said Hong. "I use Asthma & Allergy Affiliates in the north shore in Salem."

The doctor also says even if you have not experienced allergies yet, but you're going to be spending the day outside, you may want to take medicine first as a preemptive strike.

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