Boston Mayor Launches Snow Melt Challenge

The guessing game encouraging Boston residents to guess when all of the snow will melt your guesses!

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has launched the Snow Melt Challenge, a guessing game to encourage residents to guess when all of the city's snow will melt.

This winter, Public Works plowed 295,000 miles of roadway and removed over 40,000 truckloads of snow from city streets. Most of the snow was carried to Tide Street and surrounding snow farms, but Tide Street's snow still remains.

"Now that it's summer, we can have some fun and talk about how we recovered from the historic amount of snow Boston received. I'm surprised to see that we still have unmelted snow here," says Mayor Walsh.

To enter, participants must tweet at @Marty_Walsh using the hashtag #BOSMeltNow, including the month and day they believe the snow will be fully melted. Submissions are due by midnight on July 15.

Winners will have an opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet with the Mayor.

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