Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: ‘The State of Our City Is Stronger Than Ever'

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh delivered his fifth State of the City address Tuesday evening, expressing pride in the steps the city has taken to be more inclusive.

"We have thrown open the doors of opportunity, and Bostonians are surging through them to live their dreams and lead us forward," Walsh said. "And because we are drawing on more of our people's strength, the state of our city is stronger than ever."

His speech, which began at 7:30 p.m., detailed what he has planned for the city in the new year and reviewed the city’s progress. He said Boston's economy improved in 2018.

"One year ago, I pledged my second term to strengthening and expanding Boston's middle class," Walsh said. "Today, more people are working than any other time in our city's history. Unemployment is 2.4 percent, the lowest ever recorded."

Walsh's recently unveiled legislative agenda includes a focus on health care, the environment and public safety. He discussed those points as well as initiatives regarding health, safety and equity in the city.

The mayor's office says the measures the city will be supporting on Beacon Hill this year include a bill to require medical professionals to ask patients about the presence of guns in their homes to help to identify risks of suicide or domestic violence.

Other bills in his legislative package seek to fine natural gas providers for the total volume of all gas leaks and expand access to Medicare Savings Programs for more low-income seniors.

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