Boston Mayor Meets With Library Officials Over Missing Art

After his meeting with staff on Tuesday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says he's looking for answers and solutions, not excuses, after two very expensive pieces of art disappeared from the Boston Public Library.

"You can't lose a $600,000-plus worth of art work in the city of Boston and have a good rationale for it," Mayor Marty Walsh said.

At some point in the last year, a Rembrandt etching and an Albrecht Durer engraving disappeared from a print room inside the Boston Public Library. Library officials didn't notice until early April and didn't tell police until a week later.

"It's concerning, I'm wondering about why there wasn't more security in place to prevent something like that from happening," Haverhill resident Damien Ryan said.

The mayor, the library's president and the chairman of the board of trustees met privately Tuesday to discuss what happens going forward. Mayor Walsh told necn it's soon to talk about the details of the meeting, but there will likely be a city-led audit independent of the library to make sure nothing else is missing.

"It's definitely weird. You've got to kind of look inside first. There must be somebody who knows something," Nashua, New Hampshire, resident Billy Moore said.

As Boston police and the FBI investigate the theft, Susan Glover, the woman in charge of the print room, is on paid administrative leave.

Mayor Walsh says that doesn't mean she's a suspect.

"We don't even know if she's the person. That's an assumption made by a lot of people, but we aren't even sure she's the person," he said. 

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