Boston Mayor Walsh: “People Have a Right to Be Frustrated”

Boston Snow Hyde Park 022115

Boston residents are tired of the snow.

"It should be clear," said Linvingston Beckford. "There shouldn't be no ice in the road."

The conditions of the streets they live on are causing headaches. Some streets in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood are still covered in snow and ice. Ruskindale Road is so narrow that it went from being two lanes to only one.

"I've never seen it this narrow," said Beckford. "Even though they said they'd clean it, there's still a lot of ice in the middle of the road."

Jua Robinson say Oakwood street has similar problems.

"It's very difficult, challenging," he said. "Our street is typically one of the last streets to get plowed."

He says it’s a hassle to move his vehicles out of this driveway. His street is so bad, school buses wouldn't even come down to pick up students.

"He tried to come down, couldn't make it to the top of the street, and then drove off, not being able to drive down our street," said Robinson.

"People have a right to be frustrated," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

Walsh says crews are doing everything they can to clear streets. He says one of the problems preventing them from widening roads is the cars on that haven't moved.

"They haven't dug their cars out, so we can't start moving some of the snow banks because we don't know if there's a car under it," said Walsh. "It is frustrating for people. And unfortunately, it's going to be around for a while."

But residents fear the wintry mix expected this weekend could make their streets worse.

"I think we're all afraid of what may take place with additional ice on the street like this," said Robinson.

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