Boston Officials Urge Caution for Frigid First Night Celebration

The temperatures may be going down, but the First Night stages are going up in Copley Square as the City of Boston prepares for a frigid New Year’s Eve.

There is no cancellation to the celebration, but city officials say the tradition will come with precautions.

"Hypothermia can set in really quickly or frostbite so we want you to keep an eye on that," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said. "We will have medical personnel out in the street to make sure everyone is okay."

Mayor Walsh hosted a much warmer countdown at the Seaport World Trade Center Thursday for Senior First Night. Those who came to celebrate were happy to do so indoors.

While city officials focus on adding resources outdoors, they are urging anyone who plans on attending to add layers to their outfits. Crews who were setting up for the festivities on Thursday were taking the advice seriously.

"I’m going on five layers right now," Eric Riley said. "Two hand warmers, some foot warmers and some gloves, I think I’m good."

Riley was part of a team that spent eight hours setting up on Copley Square Thursday. The deep freeze is ideal for the ice sculptures, but not so much for the revelers. Those who come every year say they are staying positive, despite the negative wind chills expected.

"There’s lots of indoor spaces. You can go and just wrap up in layers and layers and the energy can’t be beat! I love it," attendee Enid Shulman said. 

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