Boston Police Announce Body Camera Pilot Program

Program to be evaluated in 6 months

With the recent uptick in violence across the country, the Boston Police Department has announced details of a body camera pilot program.

With the recent allegations of brutality and the controversial deaths of black men at the hands of police, questions have been raised about how all officers do their jobs. Because of this, Boston Police said they are finally ready to put body cameras to the test.

"Given what's going on, it's better that it's rolling out sooner than later," said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.

The city and the Boston Police Patrolman's Association came to an agreement Tuesday to allow the cameras for a six month trial.

"We've looked around the country and looked at what they've done in other places," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. "It's important that we get this program right. There are a lot of questions about jurisdiction around the country and we want to make sure Boston has the right program."

One hundred Boston Police officers will wear them voluntarily during the trial period. After that, the program will be evaluated to determine if the body cameras should be mandatory.

"From the get go, we knew we have to make sure this works out for everyone," said Evans.

The pilot program which is expected to begin next month.

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