Boston Police Commissioner Discusses Violence Outbreak

Thursday, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans joined necn to discuss the uptick in violence across the city.

"The summer time always heats up, but I still think Boston is one of the safest cities out there," the commissioner said. "We only have 20 homicides, which is 20 too many, but unfortunately there's way too many young kids out there with guns and they're shooting and they don't care who they hit. That's why we need the community's help here."

Commissioner Evans continued by discussing on-going investigations, like the shooting of 7-year-old Divan Silva.

"People are afraid to get involved, even when a little boy gets shot. That's troubling," the commissioner explained. "We'd never leave anyone out there to be put in harm's way and that's the message we have to continue and make people comfortable knowing we'll have their back."

The commissioner ended on a lighter note, discussing a Friday event where police will announce the name of a new K9 joining the force. 

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