Boston Police Commissioner William Evans ‘Disappointed’ to Miss Marathon, Proud to Provide Security

Wednesday, Boston Police Commissinoner William Evans joined necn's Latoyia Edwards for "Boston's Top Cop."

Evans had planned to run in this year's Boston Marathon. But in the wake of the attacks in Brussels, he decided to skip the race and focus on security.

"I've got to focus on that race and be out there with my officers to make sure that we have the great race we always have," Evans said. "I'll run another one. I'm going to do one, probably in Maine, a month later. I'm disappointed, but you know what? My job with BPD is obviously my priority."

The commissioner also spoke about this year's Boston Police Foundation Gala, during which John Moynihan, an officer who was shot in the face and survived, was honored.

Chairman Dick Parry of the Boston Police Foundation also sat down with necn to explain his organization's goals.

"The Boston Police Foundation is an opportunity for businesses and residents of the community to show their support for the Boston Police Department," said Parry. "The gala is our signature event, where we raise the most money for these programs."

Finally, Evans shared some quick thoughts on a few topics - including the legalization of marijuana, which he opposes.

"We have a major opiate addiction problem in this state and across the country, and the last thing we need to do is introduce another drug where young kids can get their hands on it and get an addicted behavior that's going to cause problems for society," said Evans. "Introducing a gateway drug is the last thing we need to do."

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