Suspect Wanted by Boston Police in Custody in Hingham, Massachusetts

Authorities in Hingham, Massachusetts, say a suspect wanted by Boston police is in custody Friday afternoon.

The unnamed suspect allegedly threatened to shoot police if confronted, although it is currently unclear what incident lead to his arrest warrant,

He apprehended after Hingham police and a regional SWAT team arrived at a home in Hingham where they were informed the suspect may have been.

Police evacuated neighboring houses on Fottler Road and closed off traffic and the Hingham School Department was contacted so that parents would know to keep children out of the area.

A woman left the house first - she was not wanted by police. The suspect fled from the home's back door, but ran back inside once he became aware of a police presence.

He exited via the front door shortly after where he was taken into custody by SWAT officers.

The suspect was brought to the Hingham police station before his custody was transferred to Boston police. He will be arraigned on charges in Highham District Court at a later date.

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