Boston Police Warn of Threats to Officers After Dallas Shooting

Boston gang members are reportedly posting threats and calls on social media to target police officers for violence

Boston Police have issued a warning about possible threats being made against its officers in the wake of the shooting deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas.

An internal alert obtained by necn urges Boston Police officers to remain "extremely vigilant" both on and off duty due to threats being made by gang members on social media.

"Based on open source social media, there is increased hostility toward law enforcement with a number of known and active Boston gang members posting public threats and calls to target police officers for violence. At least one post suggested that individuals follow officers home from the stations."

Boston Police said it isn't known at this time if these threats are credible, but urged officers to use caution when coming to and from district stations and while conducting their day-to-day activities around the city.

In the wake of the Dallas shooting, police in Boston and several other New England communities have decided to temporarily abandon solo patrols for the safety of their officers.

NECN spoke with Sgt. Jim Machado of the Fall River Police Department who's also the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Police Association, about his biggest concern following the killings.

"The feeling across America and this sort of continuance of anti police sentiment. This shooting in particular was based on the same bigotry and hatred that some people accused the police of," said Machado. "You just don't know what to expect at any given call, and there's so much hatred to law enforcement in general."

Departments all over are warning officers to remain on alert and heightened vigilance, even when they're not in uniform.

"The chief sent it out this morning, to maintain focus, not to let your guard down, be aware of your surroundings and environment and not take anything for granted," said Machado.

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