Public's Help Sought in Identifying Suspect Posting Hate Posters on Campus

The department released surveillance video

Take a close look at the surveillance video above, because Boston University police are releasing it from last Saturday night in the hopes that someone recognizes the person or people who put up posters with racist and neo-Nazi messages around campus.

"They all had swastikas, one referred to black lives don't matter, one said the Nazis are coming, so those posters were all put up within a few hour period that evening," said BU police Lt. Peter DiDomenica.

Lt. DiDomenica says while they can't prosecute the suspect or suspects for a hate crime because it is protected free speech, they could face felony charges.

"This was a trespass onto private property, it was a defacement of private property and that's not tolerated," said Lt. DiDomenica.

We showed the video to students to get their take on it.

BU junior Brent Heineman said, "People have to be responsible with what they post and where they post it."

"If you're posting something like that that's going to offend so many people you understand that it has this awful connotation, you kind of have to know you're going to get in trouble for it," said BU junior Megan Rodgers.

But these students are concerned the video may not be clear enough to identify the person hanging this poster on the Yawkey Center.

"It was definitely hard to recognize the person because it was very generic clothes and you couldn't really see the person's face at all so I don't know how much it'll really help," BU sophomore Marissa Lawrence said.

BU Police say they're hoping someone who knows this suspect or saw someone wearing a similar outfit on the BU campus Saturday night may recognize the person in the surveillance video and give them a call.

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