Boston University Study Abroad Student Talks Safety in Paris

Boston University junior Paisley Piasecki, along with her fellow study abroad classmates, is being asked to take shelter Saturday following the night of deadly violence in Paris.

"We are all just trying to take it day by day to make sure we keep ourselves safe," she said.

Piasecki says both the school and embassy reached out to them through emails almost immediately after the attacks began.

The junior advertising major has been calling Paris home with just over a dozen others in her program since August.

She is having a hard time wrapping her head around the brutality of what has taken place.

Piasecki says many things are going through her mind right now, especially after she was working in one of the areas hardest hit just hours before the violence broke out.

"I'm feeling for everyone in the city right now and it's frightening and horrifying," she said. "I just feel so lucky I got out when I did."

Boston College says right now they have 37 students studying in France, 30 of them in Paris.

All are safe and accounted for and also being told to stay indoors.

In a statement the school said: "We are relieved to hear all of our students are safe and accounted for. Our prayers go out to the people of Paris in light of this unspeakable atrocity."

For students and staff, it is an evolving situation and they are unclear what the next few days will be like.

Piasecki is one of many who said she may be safe, but she's very shaken.  

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