Bostonians Pray for Paris

At a special Mass, Bostonians gathered to pray for peace after the deadly terror attacks in Paris.

The congregation at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross was given a message of peace for a time when it seems like hatred is running rampant on the Earth.

Scriptures were read in French by Father Kevin O'Leary. Those of the Catholic faith joined together for a Mass dedicated to victims of Friday's terrorist attack in Paris.

"It's just so horrible for all those poor, innocent people who were involved and, for no reason at all, they were attacked," said Jim Kavanaugh, who attended the Mass.

"May those who would strike out against others turn their hearts and minds to the peaceful resolution of disputes and embrace respect," said O'Leary.

The father spoke the message of peace and bringing people together - unlike the actions that killed over 120.

People across the world are trying to understand the devastation in France. In Boston, this congregation looks within to find the answer to the hate.

"What's important is mercy," said Timothy McGuirk. "How can we work to reconcile the human family? How can we grow together - Muslims, Catholics, Jews, people of no faith? How can we work together?"

But right now, people are left feeling lost and confused. The terrorist attack has brought the French community to its knee . But throughout the destruction, one thing is for sure - people in this Mass have not lost their faith in humanity, their belief in God and their hope in peace.

"You just have to believe that God will guide us and bring us together," said Cindy Kavanaugh. "You just have to have faith."

Cardinal Sean O'Malley has also reach out to the bishop in Paris, giving his condolences.

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