Braintree Police Seek Database of Home Security Cameras

After a string of car break-ins over the weekend, police in Braintree, Massachusetts, have launched a new registry, hoping homeowners who have cameras can help them fight neighborhood crime.

The voluntary program does not give officers access to watch the cameras remotely, but does let them know where they are rolling and what direction they are pointing.

Since the registry launched Tuesday, nearly two dozen homeowners have signed up. Police say it could cut down on the time it takes to solve crimes.

Those who live on Hall Avenue know all too well the benefit of having the high-tech tools after a break-in suspect was caught on a resident’s camera last month.

"Was he even aware of the camera?" neighbor Dave Conrad said. "How could he have been? I mean he stood there, it’s like he stood there and was photographed."

Conrad says more neighbors in the area are considering installing similar cameras, but some worry about privacy.

"That is going too far," said resident John Reddy. "I bought that camera for my protection."

Police say similar databases are already in place in departments in Brockton and Whitman, and they hope their version is successful.

Those interested in signing up can find the online form here. 

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