Brazilian Festival Leaves Veterans Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Mass. Trashed

Organizers of a Brazilian festival held over the weekend in Lawrence, Massachusetts, left the stadium where it took place completely trashed.

When students and teachers arrived to Lawrence High School, next to Veterans Memorial Stadium, on Monday morning, they found the whole area covered with garbage, alcohol containers and other debris.

Lawrence High School student Edwin Gonzalez said he was disgusted by the scene when he arrived to school.

"You couldn't even see the green on the field," Gonzalez said. "It was just from the trash, for the garbage."

Directly in front of the high school, the Eagle Tribune reported that a Coors truck remained parked on Monday.

The damage was so severe that the football team had to practice on a nearby baseball field. The field hockey and soccer teams had to move, as well.

"We have little flags marked off where there's tears, rips and spills," said football coach Mike Yameen. "I mean, we have a beautiful facility. It should be made for events. But if it's done properly."

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera said the city does have a contract with Florida Productions which put on the Festival but this was an outrage.

"We are doing everything possible to, first and foremost, clean it up, make it usable for the kids," Rivera said.

Rivera added that he would hold organizers responsible.

"We're going to go after the users, the vendors of this place, to make sure that they pay for what they did," Rivera said. "It's not acceptable that they would use a field and then leave such a mess."

A Facebook event shows that Fejesta Boston opened to the public at 12 p.m. and was set to last nine hours.

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