‘Buddy Bench' Helping Kids Be Included

Painting a bench never had a greater meaning for these students. But at the Henderson K-12 Inclusive School in Boston, they are making sure everyone will have a friend.

"Probably one of the worst feelings in the world to feel is ostracized in school, like you don't have friends," said principal Tricia Lampron. "And if you're too shy to advocate for yourself, the bench will help with that."

At Henderson, many of the students deal with disabilities -- but it doesn't hinder the education process. The community makes sure everyone is included. So if you find yourself alone while playing, just sit on the buddy bench.

"Some other kids can ask you and you can play," said Sammy, a student at the school.

"We don't have to be rude, you don't have to bully people to be popular," said another student, Tatiana Guerrero. "We can all have fun, no matter what."

And as these kids paint on the bench, they are preparing to make playing at school fun for everyone.

"If I'm ever feeling like I'm being left out or excluded, I can sit here and someone is going to notice," explained Lampron.

After the buddy bench is finish drying, it will be placed near the playground to make sure that every student has a friend during recess.

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