Bus, Bike-Only Lanes Coming to Watertown, Cambridge

Getty Images/Cindy Ord

In an effort to remedy traffic congestion in Watertown and Cambridge, officials announced dedicated bus and bike-only lanes in the towns.

Beginning mid-October, Mount Auburn Street from Cottage Street in Watertown to Fresh Pond Parkway in Cambridge will have a lane that's accessible for just buses and bikes. The move comes from a joint effort from the two towns and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Only buses, cyclists, shuttles and emergency vehicles will be allowed to use the lanes. Cars will only be permited to enter the new lane in order to turn right or parallel park.

Officials called the new lane a pilot project that will use paint and signage rather than permanent construction to signify the lanes. Officials said the program does not have an end date, but will remain in place as officials adjust the design.

Authorities did not specify a date to begin the program nor did they say what repercussions commuters face if they do not abide by the new rule.

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