Cancellations, Delays Already Adding Up at Logan Airport

Boston may be dodging the brunt of the storm this weekend, but at Logan Airport, the cancellations and delays are already adding up to huge headaches for travelers trying to fly to several cities along the East Coast.

Lynn Iler, who's headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for a family reunion said, "We showed up at the airport and our Washington, D.C. flight leg was cancelled, we've been re-routed through Laguardia, we're going to get in about six hours after our original destination."

Ryan McCartney and John Houser are trying to make it back to Alabama for Houser's daughter's homecoming tomorrow night, and so far it's not looking promising.

McCartney said, "The storm's coming from the south, so Atlanta, Nashville, all our ports that we would have stopped in are closing down."

Houser said while on hold with Delta, "Every time you make progress and they're like, 'Oh no, that airport's closed. Nope, the highway's closed.' It's like the fifth time changing our flights."

Some travelers were able to hop on earlier flights to get out of the affected cities.

Nadia Tronick, who flew in from Washington, D.C. said, "The airlines canceled about 10 flights that started at noon and then they tried to move everyone up in the day. Luckily I got a flight that started at 7 a.m."

Bridget Reichhart of Allston, who flew in from Orlando, said, "We had a vacant seat next to us and the lady who got on said she got the last seat on the plane."

With memories of last year's snow still fresh in our minds, Massachusetts Emergency Management officials have reached out to several states to offer assistance should they need it as we did last year.

"If anybody asked us for help we would do whatever we could to help them, we got tremendous help last year from a number of states," Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said.

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