Eli Rosenberg

Cape Cod Woman Who Hosted Mets’ Alonso Celebrates Home Run Derby Win

A Bourne, Massachusetts woman recalls hosting New York Mets's Pete Alonso when he played for the Cape Cod Baseball League in 2015

Colleen Iava could barely watch. She was too nervous. Too anxious. Too worried.

"I was praying," Iava recalls. "I was shaking."

Iava, couldn't believe it as she watched the Home Run Derby Monday night. There, in Cleveland, Pete Alonso of the New York Mets was hitting home run after home run. He was stealing the show in Ohio.

"Just out of this world," she said. "Out of this world."

Iava hosted Alonso for a summer back in 2015, when the Mets slugger played for the Cape Cod Baseball League.

"He is so funny, so thoughtful, so generous," she said.

Alonso didn't really tip his hand about his future power that summer in Bourne.

"Great kid, big powerful stride, big swing," Darin Weeks, general manager for the Bourne Braves, said Tuesday. "Didn't hit a homer the entire summer he was here. One of the great Cape Cod baseball anecdotes I think."

Fast forward four years, and Iava said she couldn't believe it when Alonso won the Home Run Derby.

A video of Iava jumping up and down as she watched has gone viral.

"I started tearing up, and I just, it was awesome," she said. "Awesome."

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