Cardinal O'Malley Back in Boston After Papal Visit

Cardinal Sean O'Malley is back in Boston after catching up with Pope Francis during his visit to the United States.

Like so many, Cardinal O'Malley is reflecting on the visit.

"A papal visit like this is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own ideals and the transcendence of God," the Cardinal said Tuesday.

Pope Francis, so widely popular and loved, hopes to transcend barriers between the church and those who disagree with the church's teachings.

"Holy Father, as he always does, underscores the fact that the context for all of the church's teachings must always be love," Cardinal O'Malley explained.

O'Malley says the most moving part of the pope's visit was the meeting with sex abuse victims- which O'Malley helped arrange.

"I think in many ways it embodied that spirit of mercy that the Holy Father wants to bring into the life of the church and into our world," he said.

In addition, the pope's visit to Cuba may lead to some progress and reconciliation, according to Cardinal O'Malley. 

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