Power Back On After Cement Truck Hits Pole in Boston

The power is back on Saturday morning in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood after a cement truck crashed into a utility pole Friday evening, knocking out the power to some area homes.

The driver crashed on Robken Road around 6 p.m. Because the wires were draped over the truck, Eversource had to kill power in the area so the driver could get out safely.

Approximately 36 homes were left without power.

"My wife and I were out for a walk, and we saw the fire trucks coming in this direction, and you're always hoping it's someplace else," Paul Bozzi said.

Bozzi arrived home to find he did not have power.

"It looks like it caught the wires. It didn't actually hit the pole, but it caught the wires, and that was enough to snap the telephone pole," Bozzi said.

His neighbor, Betty Collins, heard the accident.

"Just heard a big boom," she said, adding that she didn't know what had happened.

It took a walk down her street for her to learn the truck had crashed.

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