Changes Envisioned for Boston's City Hall Plaza

For a long time, Boston's City Hall Plaza has been an open space - a wind tunnel that people have to walk through. But a new plan by the city could make it a lot more exciting - an attraction people would want to see.

The proposal by the Boston Garden Development Corporation beat out two others. It includes space to ice skate in the winter, a beach set-up for the summer and even an iconic observation wheel - that's fancy talk for a big Ferris wheel.

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"I think it would be nice, actually," said Stephen Gonsalez. "A Ferris wheel, a skating rink. It would be awesome."

This is just a proposal, but the city does plan to revitalize the area, and by choosing a partner to work with, a big step has been made in that direction.

"I think it's a good idea," said Karthik Rah. "I think the only downside is how much overcrowding and traffic it would make. I personally walk through here a lot, it could make the whole place kind of a circus. I don't know how much of a downside that would be, but other than that, I think it could be a good thing."

The city now has to work with the company to find out what's feasible over the next three years.

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