Chihuahua Named ‘Piglet’ Found Abandoned in Woods Needs Surgery, Loving Home

chihuahua mspca

How could anyone resist this adorable face? 

A Chihuahua named "Piglet" is in need of surgery and a loving home, after being found abandoned.

Tom Osborne of Lynn found her beneath a blanket in the woods near Spring Pond in Peabody, Massachusetts, on March 13. He was out for an afternoon walk. 

Officials with the MSPCA believe she was likely abandoned because of the visible hernia protruding from her belly, which will require surgery to repair. 

MSPCA staffers named her "Piglet" after the Winnie-the-Pooh character who lived in the famed Hundred Acre Wood. 

"Piglet" had no microchip or ID collar. No one has stepped forward to claim her. 

She'll undergo surgery next week and will then be placed up for adoption. Interested adopters should email: adoption@mspca.org. Click here for more information.

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