‘There's a Fire in My House': 11-Year-Old Alerts Firefighters to Blaze

"I was pretty terrified inside, but like I knew I had to stay calm."

An 11-year-old Massachusetts girl is being credited for thinking quickly after a fire started in one of the bedrooms in her Weston home Thursday.

Anna Mueller and her mom were upstairs at the time using a flat iron, while her 8-year-old brother Chase was downstairs in their Pine Street home, when the fire started.

Anna couldn't figure out the code to get into her mother's phone, so she says she did the only other thing she could with the nearest phone.

"So I called, did the emergency dial," she said.

The 911 call with the dispatcher she connected shows a tense exchange:

Anna: "There's a fire in my house. We're all getting out now. It's burning now"

Dispatcher: "Where's the fire in the house?"

Anna: "It's in the bedroom"

Dispatcher: "In the bedroom upstairs?"

Anna: "Hurry please, hurry please. Yeah, there's two kids and a mom."

"I was pretty terrified inside, but like I knew I had to stay calm," she told necn.

Her brother Chase says he's a little shaken by the orderal, but is grateful.

"Feeling a little bit scared, but the house is good and we're okay," Chase said.

Their mother was too emotional to go on camera with necn, but said she's grateful her kids were so alert. Anna says she has her mom to thank because she told them what to do: "If there was ever a fire, call 911."

Anna's father wasn't home, but is very proud.

"The kids are amazing. The technology that they know now, they just know how to answer the phones and call out - they just know what to do in an emergency situation," Curtis Mueller said.

The fire caused extensive damage to two rooms on the second floor, and the exact cause of the fire has yet to be determined by investigators.

No one was injured.

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