DRONE FOOTAGE: Storm Causes Massive Flooding in Scituate, Massachusetts

Drone footage offers an incredible bird's eye view of the powerful waves and flooding throughout the coastal area of Scituate, Massachusetts, 24 hours after the storm hit.

"I don't think I've ever seen the tides or the ocean quite that bad in the years I've been here," said Scituate resident Peter Miles.

Miles, who runs mutlirotor360.com, shared some drone video he shot of the waves along Peggotty Beach near his home.

The flooding was so bad Tuesday it made one parking lot look more like a lake.

A Jeep was completely surrounded by rushing waters as it sunk into the soggy sand.

"What I saw was the ocean actually coming up over the dune and coming up rather quickly and pretty good size waves coming over and then it breached a number of places along the dune," Miles said.

Crews are still working days later to rebuild the dirt road behind some homes.

"The town came out and cleared as much as they could of the beach area and then the town only goes so far because down the end there is a private road," Miles said.

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