Logan Airport

Newer, Faster Way to Move Through Security at Logan Airport

Travelers at Boston's Logan International Airport can now speed through security with the blink of an eye or the simple tap of a finger thanks to newly added technology.

CLEAR, a company that uses biometrics to screen visitors, opened lanes at the airport on Wednesday. Any ravelers who are processed at Terminal A will be able to use the technology moving forward.

The technology scans passengers' fingerprints and irises to verify their identities without needing identification.

"Over 65 percent of members have both... because it allows them to get through process quicker," said CLEAR VP of Operations Gina Bruzzichesi. "Instead of waiting 20 minutes or a half hour in line, they can get through in 2 minutes."

As for concerns about personal information being stored, CLEAR says everything is secure.

The service costs $179 a year, compared to TSA Precheck, which is $85 for every five years.

Despite the price, some passengers were already signing up on Wednesday.

"We're already TSA Precheck, so hopefully we will be able to scoot right through the line," said one man.

For more information on CLEAR, click here.

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